I'm a UX Designer
and Mentor.
Let's Talk Design

Who am I?

I'm a Designpreneur, UX Strategist, Design Blogger and Product Designer who is passionate in mentoring.
What's in my name? Why I'm good at what I do?

Amass knowledge

Research | Observe | Learn.

Nurture creativity

Inspire | Mentor | Empower.

Accessible designs

Empathize | Design | Iterate.

Spread the light

Write | Connect | Teach.

Let's Talk Design

Every Sunday, I talk to one person for an hour, on design.

TOPICS: learning UX, solving problems, design methodologies, portfolio reviews, career advice, film talk, podcasts…

Are you interested in a free virtual one-on-one meeting? Block my calendar below, on any Sunday convenient for you.

NOTE: As I’m a full time employee with a company, I strictly cannot look at your official projects. I respect IP protection laws and I avoid conflicts of interest.

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Anas K A

Kochi, INDIA

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My Writings

Should designers code?
I don't think so. But designers should definitely WRITE!

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My Experience

Life is a journey of self-discovery!